Mr. Prasad Giri is an adept mechanical engineer with over 29 years of experience in various areas of mechanical engineering. He graduated with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the distinguished REC NIT Surat in Gujarat, India. Presently, he works at Vajra Builders Private Limited as General Manager, Mechanical Division, and his expertise has been critical to the success of many projects. Mr. Prasad Giri began his career in 1995 at Construction Development Corporation Limited under erstwhile MoWHS, as an Assistant Engineer/Executive Engineer. His technical skills and problem-solving abilities earned him a reputation for excellence in mechanical engineering. He was in charge of designing and developing mechanical equipment for construction projects and maintaining them. Following his time at Construction Development Corporation Limited, Mr. Prasad Giri served as a Deputy Chief Program Officer at the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources from 2009 to 2011. During this time, he oversaw the development of mechanical systems for various projects, trained staff, and procured equipment and machinery. Mr. Prasad has accumulated invaluable experience as a Superintending Engineer at the 720MW Mangdechu Hydroelectric Project Authority from 2012-2018 where he undertook the procurement and commissioning of tunnel excavation equipment and supervision of the designs and drawings as per the specifications and standards, installation of the plant and equipment at the site as per the standards, testing and commissioning of the equipment and their control system. During this time, he successfully developed the control system for automatic control of the reservoir and made all the mechanical equipment ready for the project.

In addition to his work at Vajra Builders and the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources, Mr. Prasad has also worked as a freelance consultant in the mechanical engineering field. His area of expertise includes mechanical equipment, control systems, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, planning and execution, and leading mechanical teams in project management. He has worked on various projects, including HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, plumbing systems, and other mechanical systems. As a Superintending Engineer, Mr. Prasad oversaw the work of other engineers and ensured projects were completed within the budget and on time. He has a track record of success in project management and is highly respected by his colleagues for his technical knowledge and leadership skills.

Mr. Prasad has received numerous awards and recognition throughout his career, which demonstrates his dedication to his work. He is passionate about promoting mechanical engineering and is a mentor to many young engineers. He shares his knowledge and expertise by speaking regularly at industry events and conferences. In summary, Mr. Prasad Giri is a skilled and experienced mechanical engineer who has made significant contributions to the field of mechanical engineering. His dedication to his work, technical knowledge, and leadership skills makes him a valuable asset to Vajra, and he is respected by his colleagues and peers in the industry.