Mr. Tshewang Dhendup is a highly experienced Civil Engineer and a respected professional in the construction industry. Currently serving as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Vajra Builders Private Limited, Mr. Tshewang Dhendup has over 28 years of experience in the field. He is renowned for his expertise in the execution and management of hospital infrastructure projects, water treatment plant projects, and other complex construction projects. He is also the Independent Director of the Board of Directors, and Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board of the company.

Mr. Tshewang Dhendup began his career as Site Engineer in January 1996, after completing his Diploma in Civil Engineering from Royal Bhutan Polytechnic in June 1995. He worked as a Site Engineer for over seven years, during which he gained valuable experience in overseeing the construction process, managing teams of workers, and ensuring projects were completed within budget and on schedule.

In October 2003, Mr. Tshewang Dhendup took on a new role as a quantity surveyor at HIDP, under erstwhile Ministry of Health. He worked there for four years, during which he honed his skills in cost estimation, budgeting, and project planning. He also worked as Assistant Project Engineer in the construction of 350-bedded JDWNRH Project. In January 2013, Mr. Tshewang Dhendup joined Vajra Builders Private Limited as Project Engineer, becoming one of the first individuals to work alongside the CEO. He earned his civil engineering degree from Sunshine University, Rajasthan, India in 2015. He quickly made a name for himself as a skilled engineer and an excellent manager and was promoted to the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer in recognition of his contributions to the company in January 2021.

Mr. Tshewang Dhendup has undergone various training and development programs to enhance his skills and knowledge throughout his career. He has received training on standard and quantity control in construction, as well as other courses related to construction project management and engineering. Mr. Tshewang Dhendup is particularly known for his expertise in hospital infrastructure projects, having overseen the construction of several hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout his career. He has also been involved in the construction of the Six Senses Resort Project in Thimphu as Project Manager, and JSW Law School in Paro as supervising Engineer for interior design and finishing works.

In addition to his professional achievements, Mr. Tshewang Dhendup is also known for his strong work ethic, leadership skills, and commitment to quality. He is highly respected by his colleagues and peers in the industry and is considered a role model for young engineers. He continues to be a valuable member of the construction industry and is dedicated to advancing the field through his work and contributions.