To many, procurement is simply the function that buys the pencils but buying a product or service is not procurement, that is purchasing. Procurement is more comprehensive. “Procurement” will evaluate requirements, identify needs, scour the market, and onboard vendors in accordance with predetermined standards. That is what makes the Procurement Division special in an organization. At Vajra, Ms. Karma is in charge of the Procurement Division.

Ms. Karma graduated from the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, India with a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering in 2003. And had been working in various organization both government and corporations in the capacity of assistant engineer, deputy executive engineer and executive engineer. Ms. Karma has been a source of inspiration for women with careers in the field of engineering. A field which is mostly dominated by men. 

Ms. Karma joined Vajra in 2022 as a General Manager for the Procurement Division given her extensive knowledge and experience in the procurement of all works, goods, and services for various projects. At Vajra, she is responsible for all kinds of procurement and the management of the Center Store.


It is her continued effort that has made Vajra capable of obtaining all the high-end facilities and modern machinery that has helped reduce cost and time in the construction process.