Vajra Construction & Service Center (VCSC)

The Center, located at Ramtokto in Thimphu, was established in July 2022 as one of the three Departments under Vajra Builders Private Limited. It is a one-stop Center that provides total solutions to our construction business including training and on-boarding of employees and workers. The Center currently has eight different Sections that cater to various services required for construction projects. 

Fabrication and Production Section

This Section mobilizes resources for fabrication and production of building components and supply the products to various project sites as per their requirements. It also takes orders from customers wishing to get quality products for their construction.

Store and Procurement Section

This Section procures and keeps stock of materials required for construction and dispatches to project sites upon receipt of requisition. Unless in special cases, it does not take orders from customers outside of the company.

Tools and Equipment Section

This Section procures, manages, repairs, and issues tools and equipment to various construction sites as per their requirements. It also hires out special tools and equipment on a priority basis to interested customers outside of the company.

Mechanical Service Section

All machineries and vehicles are stationed at the Center and dispatched to construction sites only when required. Routine maintenance of machineries and vehicles is carried out when they are idle. The Section also hires out machineries and vehicles on priority basis.

Training and Apprenticeship Section

This Section looks after skills development of employees and workers and provides tailor-made short-term trainings to our employees and workers. It also provides OJTs and apprenticeships to trainees from Vocational Training Institutions and Engineering Colleges.

Facility Service Section

This Section takes care of the facilities and utilities provided at the Center. It arranges logistics for the employees and workers in transit to project sites besides managing other facilities such as staff mess, plumbing, electricity, security, etc.

Research and Development Section

This Section takes care of company's long-term objectives of innovation, production, and improvement of products and services in the construction industry. It essentially facilitates in the conduct of testing of materials and products. 

QHSE Section

This Section monitors the implementation of Quality Management System (QMS), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), and Environmental Management System (EMS) of the company.